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Freestyle Liska Handmade Premium Leather Ladies Sandal

Premium Nubuck leather uppers lined with genuine soft calfskin leather and with a vegetable-tanned hand-dyed leather insole mean that your feet are enrobed in pure comfort and delight. The insole takes the shape of your foot and becomes super-comfortable as you wear them and they will never let you down. They will always come up roses in terms of smelling good. The leather absorbs the moisture from your feet and wicks it away naturally

Authentic artisanally made by hand in Cape Town the traditional way.


Nubuck Red
Nubuck Black
Nubuck Tan
Nubuck Denim Blue
Nubuck Brown
Nubuck Olive Green
Tan Leopard
Starry Sky
Vanilla Ice

Customer Reviews

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Best client service - great quality product!

Since I put in my online order, Freestyle continuously sent me updates on the progress of my order. Well done Freestyle!
As always, great quality product, well made and will last a lifetime.
The fit runs a bit large, maybe order a size smaller with the sandals