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  • Tarry Premium Water Resistant Leather Boot

    Soft full-grain leather uppers, luxurious padded comfort footbed, comfortable t, reinforced heel and steel shank for jumping or standing in your stirrups. Good lateral support and strength. Side wall stitched and stitched on sole for durability and performance. Classic jeans style equestrian riding boots.

    Standard Calf Measurement: 360mm circumference.

    Leg Height: 310mm

    Onspan Black
    Onspan Brown
    Bundu Oxblood

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    Lee Roup
    Love these boots!

    They are super comfortable and well made. Really excellent quality and the colour is great too

    Stella von Gericke
    Great boots and service

    Thanks, the boots fits perfectly and is very comfortable.

    Taryn boots size 6 ladies

    My boots arrived! They are very beautiful, soft buttery leather, and beautifully made. For the first few days I really battled to get my feet into the boots getting past the doubled tongue and heel areas was quite a sweat but once the boot was on my foot it fit really well. I've since just dampened those areas a little with a spray bottle each time I've put them on and it's getting easier and easier to get my feet into them. I really love my boots thank you so much for the beautiful care taken to make such a high quality product. May I make one comment about the time between ordering and delivery of my boots, to manage expectations for other buyers, as I would check the order status virtually daily only to see the status remain 'unfulfilled' for 21 days, and then delivery happened within the next 2 days! May I suggest adding a little more info to the status during the process, like 'being manufactured' or 'quality checking' etc so it's possible to track the progress. I was so eager and excited to receive them, so it would have been encouraging, but thank you very much for a beautiful product, highly recommended.

    Alicia Koekemoer
    Beautiful color

    Beautiful color, definitely need more photos of the Taryn boot on your website

    Sarah Driver

    Beautiful boots and such gorgeous leather.