Eskimo Boot

You cannot survive winter with your attitude intact as well as you can wearing a pair of Eskimo Boots. Ask anyone. 100% Wool-lined genuine suede or full-grain bundu leather upper on a lightweight proprietary Georgia sole(TPR).

TPR = non slip, rugged, light-weight rubber composite sole.

Walk-Dry technology: Bundu leathers are tanned using a water-resistant tanning technology.

Genuine YKK zips fitted on the inside leg for easy-slip-on, robust use. 

Leg Height: 250mm

Aviator Purple
Bundu Black
Aviator Turquoise
Gristle Red
Onspan Yellow
Soft-milled Waxy Brown
Aviator Denim Blue
Aniline Ruby Red
Bundu Navy
Bundu Oxblood
Aviator Limestone
Aviator Grey
Onspan Cobalt Blue