Sparky PRO Premium leather double-skin Boot

DESCRIPTION: Features an acid, heat and oil resistant Combat rubber sole with a steel shank. The premium leather upper has a water resistant Walk-DRY additive, to protect the leather from excessive moisture. There is a double-skin lasting process. The inside layer is lasted with a full-grain buttery calfskin and the outside layer with a thick 2.2mm premium  full-grain leather. The uppers are then double stitched to the insole. The boot also has a bellows tongue, which keeps the inside of your boot free of sand and stones. The boot is also made using a water-resistant polyester fibered insole. They do not get stronger or more functional than this ultimate work boot. 

DETAILS: Purchase your regular size as it is a comfortable fit and it's best to wear these boots with a plump woollen sock. The metal fittings are anodised against corrosion. The Ankle support is padded with a 2-part foam cushion and the tongue has cushioning and and is double leather layered in the centre. Laces are 150cm long for extra comfort. The non-removable footbed is padded.

LACING: After lacing through the speed rings crossover your laces to lock the position on your foot before using the speed hooks. This makes for a more comfortable and firm fit.

DESIGN PURPOSE:  Originally designed for artisans like electricians and plumbers and engineers that need a comfortable, rugged everyday boot these boots are also suitable for hiking and day walking.

Fully handmade in Cape Town.


Waxy Mid Brown
Waxy Black

Customer Reviews

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Amy Maulson
Lovely boots!

Me, friends, and family have all been excited about the arrival of these boots, and now that theyre here, they've gotten nothing but praise!! The size chart was a great help, the size I ordered fits perfectly! They're surprisingly comfortable for just starting to break them in, and they're easy to take on and off. The grip is great, I feel safe on wet grass. Overall, lovely boots, and I can feel these are going to last me a long time (one of my main motives for buying them). They live up to the description!