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  • Freestyle Polar Surf Boot Premium Soft Milled Water Resistant Leather

    They say man's best friend is his dog, which is mostly true, but in winter, on those cold frosty mornings followed by intermittent fog and heavy rain or just plain gnawing cold, the Polar Boot will come a close second. Lined with 100% wool which means no smell and great warmth. Two-row outsole stitch for extra strength. The soft milled premium leather is water resistant.

    Originally created by the surfers from Down Under. All that’s missing is the sea.

    Ladies Fit: Fits size down compared to your normal size.

    Calf Measurement: 390mm circumference on a size 6.

    Mens Fit: The fit is generally on size.

    Calf Measurement: 400mm circumference on a size 9.

    The leather does stretch and the wool does compact with use, so if the boot is a bit snug initially, so long as the length is right, the boot will just become more comfortable.



    Bundu Oxblood
    Crazyhorse Mocca
    Bundu Black

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 60 reviews
    Kenneth Checkley
    Excellent product

    I received my boots last week. Tried them on and they fit perfectly. Comfortable and warm. Cannot wait to wear them properly when winter finally kicks in. Thanks for a great product.

    morne van taak
    So happy with my shoes!

    Come Winter!.......

    Elrine Marx
    Best ever

    10 years ago I baught my first pair of boots from Freesyle. Best quality.

    Trent Murgatroyd
    Just awesome!

    Warm, strong, comfortable

    Brendan Griffin
    Woolen liner

    Hi ,thank you for dealing with my order professionally!The boots were beautifully crafted but I am unfortunately unhappy with the boots not fully lined with wool at the toes as this is where the heat is required the most. Is this a manufacturing defect as the boot is as advertised fully lined with wool? Kind regards,Brendan Griffin