• Gemsbok Soft Premium Leather Action Boot

    Extra high cut boot for working, walking and hunting. The Gemsbok is fitted with a bellose tongue to keep out small stones and sand and a V-cut ankle padding to remove pressure from your Achilles tendon. 

    Anklestrap: with velcro fastening.


    Handmade in Cape Town, South Africa.

    Bundu Tan

    Customer Reviews

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    Adrian Datwyler
    Great boot

    Great boot for bush, desert and town. I am Swiss and would not wear it in the mountains because the sole lacks any profile. Since I own an older pair with a different sole I cannot comment if the actual sole is really too thick as another customer complains. Overall I love my pair and can recommend it in any was.

    Kayden Swardt
    Great boots, happy customer

    Fits like a glove. You can genuinely see and feel the craftsmanship in these boots. This might be a negative for some, but I'm happy that there's no abosorbant material inside the boot in the event that water does get inside. All that's left now is the test of time.

    Nicolas Vlok
    Not good

    They do not look like the picture that you sell, they are very bulky, the sole looks is so thick it could probably stop a landmine. I will be returning them. If I paint them red they will be perfect for a clown. They will cause a lot of blisters at the heal and and the bottom of my foot you'll probably lose a few toenails too. You guys are definitely capable of making a great boot but I think you are lazy.

    Johann Fourie
    Gangrenous toes

    The shoes were made with great attention and care, unfortunately my feet can hardly pass into the shoe.
    Huge disappointment.

    What now ?

    J F

    Sanuse Nzukuma
    Gemsbok leather boot

    The boot fits like a glove. The quality was superb, well worth the money spent. Very comfortable for the long campingwalks, carrying load on your back.... blister free. Thank You