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  • Freestyle Men's Recce Combat Premium Leather Boot

    You will enjoy wearing this soft, but thick 2-2.2mm substance, aniline* full-grain leather boot especially because it is double-stitched for extra reliability in the bush. It is also completely unlined so that your feet will breathe and the boot will not stink. Based on the original leather SA Army Boot from back in the day, only more comfortable with a fully padded footbed. The foot tread is also wider, which allows your foot more wriggle room.


    Leg height: Approximately 210mm

    *Aniline leathers are softer and more durable. Made in a world-class South African tannery. See our blog on leather types

    This boot is repairable.

     Handcrafted in Cape Town, South Africa.


    Greasyhorse Brown
    Waxy Kudu Tan
    Waxy Black
    Waxy Midbrown
    Greasyhorse Mocca
    Pitstop Brown

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 29 reviews
    Renus Pieterse
    Freestyle boots

    The boots are great, but i waited 1 and a half months for them to be delivered.

    Phillip Malherbe
    Terrible customer service

    I contacted the email specified in the delivery confirmation email with concerns about the condition of the shoes out of the box. This was almost a week ago - I have yet to receive feedback. The shoe delivery was also delayed and when I inquired about when the delivery will be there was no response. Shockingly terrible customer care and communication.

    Boela Bekker
    Recce Boots - Boela Bekker

    I have now had my boots going onto 2 weeks, and this is my finding of them till date.

    Break-in: 4 Days
    Total distance walked: 35km
    Terrain: Sand, grass, brush, heavy bush (70%)
    Trails, Voetpaadjies, gravel road (30%)

    - Very easy to break in.
    - Good sole.
    - Light.
    - Size is exact (If you wear a shoe size 9, you order a 9 and it will fit perfectly).
    - Good price.

    - I would like to see the belt at the top of the boot be 2 to 3cm longer. I am barely able to buckle it.
    - The buckle is not very robust, I would to see a heavy duty buckle.
    - Overall leather thickness could be 0.5mm to 1.0mm ticker. It is OK for light use (walking on trails and voetpaadjies), but when walking through bush, brush and between rocks, you can feel that the leather is just a little to thin.
    - Insole is quite hard (I bought a pair of insoles which made it very comfortable to wear).

    In Short - I am happy with my boots and will recommend it to anyone looking for a high, lace-up work boot.

    Recce Combat boots Waxy midbrown

    These boots are identical to the SANDF combat boots except the sole has been stitched down where the SANDF boot has a 270 Goodyear welt
    It also has relief cuts for the leather around the ankle to fold and break in
    Honestly I was concerned about the thickness of the Leather but it's a very
    Comfortable and very well fitting boot
    It's also very light compared to my
    SANDF boots it feels like a sneaker
    And the Freestyle boots are quieter they don't have the clobbing sound of traditional combat boots the addition of the leather strap adds to the beauty and appeal overall I'm very happy with the quality and craftsmanship.You ladies and Gents at Freestyle really give the makers of our Military's combat boots a run for their money as well as skill and craftsmanship .
    I really appreciate the excellent service and craftsmanship Thankyou. In future
    I'll be ordering these same boots in different colours.✌🏽

    First inpressions

    Just got them in today after ordering them from Varusteleka.

    They fit really well on my wide EU size 45 feet. The massive soles make me feel very planted, the suppleness of the leather and their light weight makes them super comfortable.

    They've been really good on their first inpressions except for 1 thing.

    The buckle on top. It's a little gimmicky but looks slick. But it's too short for me and my thick calfs.

    I think it'd be great if there'd be either an option to leave it off or one to decide on the lenght of them because mine would need to be almost twice the lenght.

    Beyond that? Very happy so far! Will come back here (if I remember) in a little while for my impressions later on when I've had time to adjust.