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Bowhunter SCB All Premium Leather Combat Boot

The Bowhunter Stealth Combat Boot is high cut, with full calf-leather linings, made using a 100% plantation-crepe wedge sole which is ideal for hunting and quietly maneuvering yourself in the bush whether it be for the perfect shot with your camera, rifle or cross-bow.

Fitted with a padded bellows tongue to keep your feet dry and clean from sand, stones and unwanted pests.

Double-row outsole stitched for extra strength.

Crafted by hand at the foot of Table Mountain.





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Customer Reviews

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Cornelle Michell
Exceptionally quiet & instantly comfortable.

A natural fit.

Persistent stream of marketing dilutes the perception of product quality.

I made a purchase recently. I have received 6 product review requests since the purchase.
1. If you expect an honest review of boots after 7 days, you probably don't wear boots. They require breaking in. Yours specifically take a very long time to break in.

2. Forming of the tongue in the boots is less than adequate and means the user spends time working a pair of boots before even breaking them in.

3. Size 10 is longer than expect. Width is as expected.

4. Asking for a review in 7 days of shipping is a bit cheeky considering you don't fully disclose the 2 week lead time up front.
4.1 Asking several times knocks you down on your score.
4.2 Your marketing practice leads me to question your data processing practices.

Julian Smith
Loving them.

Once you've worn these a little while you realise how nice they really are. One critique though, I'd like better bridge support (or the option for it) as I now need to find and fit some inner soles (or similar) for the additional bridge support.

Brendon Green
Excellent Quality, Outstanding Customer support

My order was filled and dispatched in very good time. Placing the order and making payment was smooth and efficient. There was ongoing communication updating me on progress as well as the delivery schedule. When I was unhappy with the particular finish of my purchase the return collection for exchange was organised very quickly. I'm tremendously impressed and will definitely continue to support Freestyle as well as recommend to my friends.

Chris Maree

I had to wait fairly long to receive my package but I am very satisfied with the shoes. Very good quality.