Plakkie Men's Leather Sandal

Super comfy, super casual, all leather take on the classic flip-flop. This classic thong is available in a rainbow of colours to suit your wardrobe or in classic tans and browns for a universal look. Lined with calfskin leather and with a vegetable-tanned insole, these thongs will mould to your foot.

Insole length measurements:

Size 6 = 270mm

Size 7 = 277mm

Size 8 = 286mm

Size 9 = 294mm

Size 10 = 302mm

Size 11 = 312mm

Size 12 = 320mm

Size 13 = 328mm

Size 14 = 337mm



Nubuck Tan
Willow Chestnut
Nubuck Denim-blue
Nubuck Olive-green
Nubuck Black
Nubuck Khaki

Customer Reviews

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Plakkie Men's Leather Sandal


Plakkie Men's Leather Sandal

Poor customer service

I was very excited when I initially placed my order. I waited patiently for 15 days as communicated. When, on day 16 there was no news on my order, I enquired via email and social media. I eventually had a response from 2 different people, each with their own explanation for the delay. I was amazed that when I requested a refund, you were quick to reply that it would not be a problem. Most would go out their way to rectify their mistakes, this response however gave me the feeling that you were taking the easy way out.
When I eventually gave instruction to proceed with the order, delivery was received within 2 days. I have no objections with the quality and look of my plakkies.
After all this, there was no follow up, to make sure I'm happy and that I received delivery. In this case I expected at least that.
Your service unfortunately let you down, and even though I had my eye on some boots as well, you will not see any business from me in future.