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  • Nubuck and Suede Cleaner Spray Bottle 100ml

    The purpose of the Suede Cleaner is to clean suede of in-grain marks and dirt. First brush the nap of the suede with a brass bristled brush, either a Freestyle Brush or a hardware purchased item. Brass is preferable because it is fine bristled and the bristles are firm, but not completely rigid so they can get into the fine grain of the suede. Once you have brushed the suede and removed all the loose dirt then you can use the cleaner to remove the more stubborn marks in conjunction with your suede brush.

    Regular application of the cleaner with the Freestyle Suede Protector will keep your suede or nubuck looking better for longer.

    This product is suitable for use on Nubuck and Suede.

    WARNING: Must be used in a well-ventilated area.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 42 reviews
    Kyla Rademeyer

    Freestyle vellies has excellent quality and services

    Zach Plagis
    Great Shoes

    The delivery took a little long, this was also ordered during a very busy online shopping period of the year. In saying that I am so happy with my product when it got here I basically have only been wearing these shoes from the day I've bought them. Great quality product that I am very happy with.


    Easy to apply and really works. It did not change the shoe colour-love the product.

    Nubuck and Suede Cleaner Spray

    The spray nozzle does not work, so I poured the cleaner out on a sponge to apply. It will do and I am happy with the product, but you should know about the nozzle not working

    Christa Kleyn
    Awaiting stock

    Never received my full order.