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  • Leather Cream 50ml

    The best way to apply this product is using a piece of soft foam wrapped in an old stocking. Simply dab onto the leather and apply in small circular motions. Never apply too much at a time, but rather lightly, otherwise the fat will cake up on the surface of the leather and take longer to be absorbed.

    Make sure that you always try a cream or polish on a small inconspicuous part of the leather product before deciding to go all the way and then regretting it. 

    Leather must always be dry and clean before applying a cream or polish. You can use a bit of soap and water to clean the product, make sure it is properly dry, naturally( no artificial heat sources) - leather products should never be put in a washing machine folks (just nuts).  If you apply a cream or fat to a dirty or wet leather you will seal in the damp, which will cause your leather to become mouldy and the dirt will stain the leather irreversibly.



    Customer Reviews

    Based on 61 reviews
    Marius Brundyn
    Leather cream 50ml

    This is the first time I use this product. I applied it to my Freestyle leather shoes and was completely absorbed into the leather. Seems quite good.
    The inside of the lid of the container was a bit rusted, which is not great.

    Erica Nonyana
    Amazing quality, softens over time

    It’s a beautiful bag, nostalgic, lots of space. Looks too big at first but looks amazing on the body. I love everything about it, i just wish i would’ve gotten more updates with the making of the bag and the shipment. Videos or pictures of the progress would’ve helped me be more patient and understanding because it took about 2 months to be delivered… freestyle should definitely raise the price of this bag to at least 5k and advertise on tiktok with aesthetic study content girls. I love this bag and will wear it to school everyday. I would also recommend using some kind of chain for the engraved tag instead of a plastic tie. Oh and make more holes on the straps of the bag to fit shorter people. Anyway i love it, 10/10. I would buy this over a gucci or lv backpack anyday

    Moyagabo Molefe

    Very good

    Larochelle Grobler

    Leather Cream 50ml

    Denè Linde
    Amazing plakkies and service

    I accidentally ordered the wrong size plakkie for my husband online, so I contacted Freestyle and asked if they could make a different size, which they kindly arranged. Once the plakkies arrived however, they were too big (although it was the correct size that we wanted), so I contacted them again asking if we could exchange for a smaller size. Again they went out of their way to help me, arranging same day pick up for the pair to be exchanged and we received the perfect size less than 2 weeks later. My husband loves the plakkie and the quality seems really good. All in all a really good experience for us!!