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  • Dionysus Premium Leather Wine Bag

    DESCRIPTION: Ideal for carrying two bottles of wine or a single bottle with 2 taster wine glasses, the Dionysus has been IMPROVED by adding a heavyweight Aerodene cooler bag lining to keep the wine chilled. There is a special pouch for a corkscrew. The sling is adjustable and removable and the bag also has a handle. It unnecessary to unbuckle the bag as there is a magnetic fastener hidden behind the buckle. Ideal for a bring 'n braai, a picnic, on the edge of a plateau enjoying sundowners - just about anywhere you'd like to enjoy a cool glass of wine.

    DETAILS: Full premium leather wine bag with 180 gram Aerodene silver cooler lining.

    DESIGNER: Laura Holt

    Designed and Handmade in Cape Town.

    Crazyhorse Mocca
    Kapstadt Tan
    Genuine Kudu Oxblood
    Genuine Kudu Black

    Customer Reviews

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    Adri van Wyk

    Lovely product. Very happy.