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  • Adventurer Meerkat Premium Leather Back Pack with Kombi Straps

    The Adventurer Meerkat features an internal genuine YKK zipped laptop pouch that fits a 14' laptop comfortably. It has a document compartment for a passport and travelling paraphernalia at the rear of the bag. There are magnetic locks behind all the buckles. The sling can be used as a cross-body shoulder sling or as a backpack sling so it can be worn in either way depending on your preference. The inside linings are made of a rugged and durable 200gram polycotton and straps are all leather lined. Apart from the laptop pouch it has 2 large compartments and a comfortable leather handle.

    DIMENSIONS: Width: 300mm Height: 350mm Gusset Width: 70mm x 2 compartments.

    Handmade in Cape Town.




    Bronco Rust

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Adele Van der Merwe
    Happy customer

    Very happy with my new laptop bag. Fits my 14" Lenovo laptop inside its protective sleave. Does take up the whole back compartment and it's a tight fit to also include the cables etc with my documents. The middle sleeve does not serve much of a purpose for me and if that is where the laptop is meant to go...a 14" definitely does not fit in that space.
    Beautiful craftmanship and the quality is worth the price.

    D Theart
    Delivery dates

    The quality of the work on the bag is fantastic and love the color. My only problem was the time that it took for the bag to be delivered. I ordered the bag on
    1 December 2023 and it was only delivered on 29 January 2023. I ordered on the first because the advertisement said that the week of 1 December was the last if I wanted it to be delivered before Christmas. The only reaction I got after I complained on 5 January was that they would investigate the case. I followed up again on 22 January and was promised that the bag would be delivered in the next week. The Friday of the next week was the 26 January. I sent an email again asking for the bag to be delivered or my money to be returned if the bag could not be delivered. Only after this an email was sent to me saying that the bag was out for delivery by overnight courier. I received the bag on Monday 29 January.
    It should not be necessary for someone to contact a business 4 times in order to get a reaction. It should also not be necessary to wait for 2 months if delivery was promised in 15 days. This is very disappointing. I am a loyal customer and I buy all my bags and shoes from Freestyle. I hope that this incident will not be repeated again in future

    Letso Dube
    Love my backpack!

    I recently received my backpack and I'm in love with it ❤️❤️❤️ I love the design, colour and most importantly the quality. I'm definitely going to use it on my next trip. Looking cute while traveling is a must 😄😄😄 Did I mention that my backpack is personalized? Freestyle really knows how to add a personal touch 😍😍

    Sikhumbuzo Dube
    S. Dube - Adventurer Meerkat Premium Leather Back Pack

    I LOVE MY BAG!!!
    The quality of the materials used, the toughness and steadiness, the feel and comfort - absolutely amazing. I'm extremely delighted and more than impressed with my purchase. Thank You Freestyle :)

    *Side Note:
    The colour options are very limited, or rather non-existent. Can you please add more colour options.

    olivia kunguma

    The bag description stated that it would fit a 14" laptop but my laptop does not fit. Because I love the bag so much I am going to get a smaller laptop 😞. I requested the bag be branded with my name and they did that at no extra cost, I am grateful.