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Freestyle Aimee Locally Handmade premium leather lace-up

Comfortable and stylish classical all-leather ladies lace up walking shoe with a padded footbed. No synthetic nothing.

Ethically and sustainably hand crafted in the Mother City, Cape Town.


Aviator Red
Crazyhorse Mocca
Aviator Beige
Aviator Denim Blue
Aviator Purple

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Bethia Feldon
Beautiful shoes and amazing service.

I absolutely love my Aimee shoes. They are very comfortable and the colour is exactly what I ordered.
The service I received was excellent. I was updated on the progress of my order, as well as the delivery status of my order.
I look forward to ordering my next pair of shoes!

John Wiggill

Took longer than 15 Days as advertised

Jeanette Du Plessis
Free and style and loving it

I am now on my third order of your shoes. I had surgery on my right foot . The foot is now a bit longer than my original size 8 . I bought a pair of your Eskimo boots years ago and was very happy with it. This year I saw a lady in the gym with the Ruby Red ones . She told me to find your products under the name Mint Clothing. Since then I have bought the longer version of the ( I am not familiar with al, the names but I can assure you I am ver comfortable in your shoes
Aimee is so soft . They are beautiful and easy wearing
Union Spl Ladies Vellies are not so soft but so smart. Roberta Ladies is a bit hard on my hammer toes . I cannot wear them the whole day. They are a big in the fit of my healthy foot as well . I bought an innersole and will give it a try for more comfort.
My last order I bought an open sandal shoe and a softer casual shoe…forgot what you name it.
Lovely shoes.
I love the space in the toebox.
I love the look. I love to browse the shop . I love it that I an able to order a big size . Your product is also stylish even if it is a bigger size. The appearance dies not lose the sophistication because the shoe is big. Woman with bigger feet can easily feel the shoes that they can choose from is limited to clumsy looking shoes.
I bought insoles with better arch support. If I can recommend anything , I would ask for and extra loose insole that can be removable. The design of a good shoe should not neglect the underneath part of a shoe. I have been struggling with shoes for many years. It is better to go one size up if you have a problem but then you need a good fit for the whole foot. A loose insole that can be cleaned and replaced will be fantastic. You can even add it as an option . The Eskimos is fine because the wool lining hold the foot in comfort.
It is just a suggestion . I usually make my own plan but your shoe is so well crafted that to just add an extra support can make it the best option for any foot.
I will recommend it to any one. I do think it is very good value for money and I will shop in your store without any hesitation.
Thank you for a good product . To buy local at your shop is a pleasure.

Marliza Schoeman

Great service, great product!

Charlene Erasmus
Aimee beste vellies ooit

Sal nie weer ander vellies dra nie julle maak great skoene ek luv Aimee vellies het nou 2 pare luv it luv it❤️