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Plakkie Men's Premium Leather Sandal

Super comfy, super casual, all leather take on the classic flip-flop. This classic thong is available in a rainbow of colours to suit your wardrobe or in classic tans and browns for a universal look. Lined with calfskin leather and with a vegetable-tanned insole, these thongs will mould to your foot.

Handmade in Cape Town, South Africa.

Insole length measurements:

Size 6 = 270mm

Size 7 = 277mm

Size 8 = 286mm

Size 9 = 294mm

Size 10 = 302mm

Size 11 = 312mm

Size 12 = 320mm

Size 13 = 328mm

Size 14 = 337mm



Nubuck Tan
Willow Chestnut
Nubuck Denim-blue
Nubuck Olive-green
Nubuck Black
Nubuck Khaki

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
uBuyaBox SA
Great product - slow on feedback and delivery

You have a great product, designs are excellent, quality craftsmanship, value for money, but feedback and detail on delivery is very silent and responses are dead. Delivery takes too long and do understand that product is handmade. Have done a trial as my son where a size 14 and would want to promote your product on our marketplace as I think you can sell more than just in retail shops in Namibia - but will have to work on the delivery or clients will get discouraged. Regards Risa uBuyaBox

Michiel van der Schyf
So satisfied

The ordering process was seamless, however the waiting was long, without knowledge (or perhaps I didn't read the fine print), BUT, the product is excellent and so worth the wait. I will definitely order again.
It looks great, is exactly the size required (considering it is hand made) and fits perfectly.
I 'walked-in' well.
Thank you guys, great product! I wish you only the best!!

Michael Watson
Plakkie Men’s leather sandal

Disappointed, product is uncomfortable, slippery and not easy to walk in .

Adam Van Niekerk
Horrible after sales service

I Bought 2 pairs of plakkies, both had faults which I reported. Since ordering my plakkies i have never received any feedback unless I got frustrated of waiting and called them..only then do they action anything. I got a no-care response that the faults are 'minor' basically and no apology even though you wait 3 weeks for the delivery and then another week for the collection of the faulty products and get told you will wait 2 weeks again for the replacement because they are a factory not a store..could've fooled me..pretty sure its an online store aswell. this is insane...even buying from Amazon overseas doesnt take this long

Ross Jenkinson

Plakkie Men's Leather Sandal