Freestyle SA- Leather Fat 50ml Natural

Leather Fat 50ml Natural

The best way to apply this product is using a piece of soft foam wrapped in an old stocking. Simply dab onto the leather and apply in small circular motions. Never apply too much at a time, but rather lightly, otherwise the fat will cake up on the surface of the leather and take longer to be absorbed.

Make sure that you always try a cream or polish on a small inconspicuous part of the leather product before deciding to go all the way and then regretting it. 

Leather must always be dry and clean before applying a cream or polish. You can use a bit of soap and water to clean the product, make sure it is properly dry, naturally( no artificial heat sources) - leather products should never be put in a washing machine folks (just nuts).  If you apply a cream or fat to a dirty or wet leather you will seal in the damp, which will cause your leather to become mouldy and the dirt will stain the leather irreversibly.


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Maarten Schalekamp
Shoe purchase

Was quick and easy to buy the products

Carol-Anne Frey
Comfortable, light weight and stylish

Love my boots! Comfortable and look great dressed up or down!

Monika Laeuferts
Karoo Leather Boots

I absolutely love the boots and they are the perfect winter shoe. They fit like made for me. Thanks again for a professional service and great product.

Ian Ehlers
Satisfied buyer

Excellent product, good communication.
Satisfying purchase experience

Raymond Botha

awesome product and service