• Leather Fat 50ml Natural

    The best way to apply this product is using a piece of soft foam wrapped in an old stocking. Simply dab onto the leather and apply in small circular motions. Never apply too much at a time, but rather lightly, otherwise the fat will cake up on the surface of the leather and take longer to be absorbed.

    Make sure that you always try a cream or polish on a small inconspicuous part of the leather product before deciding to go all the way and then regretting it. 

    Leather must always be dry and clean before applying a cream or polish. You can use a bit of soap and water to clean the product, make sure it is properly dry, naturally( no artificial heat sources) - leather products should never be put in a washing machine folks (just nuts).  If you apply a cream or fat to a dirty or wet leather you will seal in the damp, which will cause your leather to become mouldy and the dirt will stain the leather irreversibly.


    Customer Reviews

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    Marne Bierman
    My favorite shoes.

    I love the shoes. This is the second time I am ordering. Just make sure of the size. I am a size 7 but the shoes are to big. So order a size smaller. I had them brought to me over seas. So can’t return. But definitly ordering again when in SA

    Tammaryn Gerber
    Freaking amazing

    These are the comfiest boots I have ever owned. The products to protect and preserve the shoes are also perfect. The service is excellent

    Gregory Hiscutt
    Awesome Boots

    Thank You . Awesome boots . Will order again .

    Ilse Taljaard
    Awaiting exchange

    Please can you confirm my boots that was returned to exchange for size 7

    Ina Maritz
    From a land down under

    I was able to order shoes with minimal hassles. Information on the website was super helpful and easy to understand. The order was filled and delivered well within the timeframe. We have yet to try on the shoes as we are in Australia and will rate shoes as soon as we have them. I can honestly say that this was the best online shopping experience yet. The variety of goods is just superb and so easy to pick a shoe size. Can’t wait to try on my new shoes!