• Freestyle Leather and Suede Cleaner & Protector Spray Bundle (200ml Each)

    The Cleaner:

    Instructions for use: First brush the nap of the suede with a brass bristled brush, either a Freestyle Brush or a hardware purchased item. Brass is preferable because it is fine bristled and the bristles are firm, but not completely rigid so they can get into the fine grain of the suede. Once you have brushed the suede and removed all the loose dirt then you can use the cleaner to remove the more stubborn marks in conjunction with your suede brush.

    Regular application of the cleaner with the Freestyle Suede Protector will keep your suede or nubuck looking better for longer.

    The Protector:

    Description: An all-round leather, nubuck and suede protector that protects leather against staining and makes the leather water resistant. The liquid is clear - it does not act to nourish or replace the lost colour of the leather, but will bring out and make the colour more lively. In order to work effectively it needs to be re-applied regularly. It should be used in conjunction with the Freestyle Suede Cleaner. First spray clean and brush the suede, wait for it to dry and thereafter apply the Protector.

    Instructions for use: The Freestyle Suede and Nubuck Protector must only be used on your leather, suede or nubuck product when the area to be sprayed is dry and clean. Always test first on an inconspicuous area of the product before deciding to applying it over the product. It is recommended to apply the product onto the suede or nubuck before use.

    These products are suitable for use on Nubuck and Suede.

    Warning: Must be used in a well-ventilated area.

    Made in South Africa.

    What's in the box
    1 x Freestyle Leather and Suede Cleaner Spray 200ml
    1 x Freestyle Leather and Suede Protector Spray 200ml

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